RUN OF Manifesto

I know what I am NOT, what to say, where to look. I am RUNARCHY.
I don’t have boundaries, I live and move in a chaotic world where stereotypes and clichés have no place. I am RUNARCHY.
I begin with myself in order to reach others, free, free of constraints, honest, clean. This is who I am, I am RUNARCHY.
I can be everyone’s, everyone who chooses me, who sees me. I am there, much closer than it seems. I am RUNARCHY.
RUNARCHY is a creative process. A unique process, never the same as it was. And me, I am RUNARCHY.
RUNARCHY is thinking. Asking myself new and old questions every day, it’s my daily simple and free choice between lunch in the park today and dinner at the best restaurant in town tomorrow. I am RUNARCHY.
RUNARCHY is independent, emancipated, courageous, free and unprejudiced thinking. I am RUNARCHY.
Being RUNARCHY is to decide who I am, how I am, all the time, every day. Living RUNARCHY is a free choice, to make lightly but not superficially.
RUNARCHY is walking the same route in the morning and always finding something new, it’s running your marathon with an ice cream in your hand. I choose to be, because I am RUNARCHY.
RUNARCHY is an attitude, an action that speaks of me, of my authenticity, of the passion I put into doing the things I love, it is doing what I believe in.
Being out of the box without shouting, to run towards the goal, to be RUN OF. Being RUNARCHY.
Me, not me, all of us: I am RUNARCHY.